Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two dress or not two dress? That is the question...

After a whirlwind trip home for Christmas/wedding planning (let's be honest here, it was really WEDDING PLANNING/Christmas... are scewed priorities a symptom of bridezilla-ism??) we have....

Bridesmaids dresses
A Wedding gown
A Wedding gown.

Yes. Two wedding gowns. As a result of a hastey decision that I'm afraid my father will be talking about until he's 92, we purchased a wedding gown. And then another wedding gown.

It was Monday night. I knew I had until Wednesday to find "the dress" or else it would be too late to order one. We found one that was beautiful. I didn't get "that" feeling, but I could tell that it was a beautiful and flattering dress. My mom loved it. So I told her that it must be "the one". So I got measured. My mom wrote a check for half of the amount and we left. With a dress. My mom was happy. I didn't really feel... anything.

I called J when we got home and told him that we got a dress and that it was very pretty but I felt like I had to settle. I cried. And then I didn't sleep at all that night. I just kept thinking about how it was a lovely dress, but I didn't feel like it was MY dress.


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