Saturday, May 15, 2010

Its a Hairy Situation

I am in STL... FOR MY WEDDING! OMG! 7 days until I say "I do". Less than 7 really, because it's 9:30pm right now!
I wrote a to-do list on the airplane. It's THREE pages long. I think some of these to-do's should have been to-done's, but alas I'm a serial procrastinator. Like for instance...

Yes, girls, I am ONE WEEK away from my wedding and am flip flopping about my hair. The girl that did my hair for my trial was super sweet. The curl stayed in all night, BUT I wasn't impressed with the "style". I've been FREAKING out about it. I thought if I just put a little poof in the front and had her curl the rest, then maybe that would be easier and it would turn out better.

Here's me and my Jr BM on Easter, my DIY version of the "poof"

But I'm scared I'll look like a little girl and I'm worried that if my hair gets the least bit frizzy I will look like a cocker spaniel.

And I want to look like one hot biotch! NOT like a female DOG! Seriously, by this point I should AT LEAST know if I'm going to wear it up or down, but I am COMPLETELY torn. Up would be nice, very "bridal", and formal, won't fall out or get frizzy. Down is the way J likes my hair and its the way I feel the most comfortable in every day life.

So, despite the fact that I am LITERALLY broke (as in I owe my photog $200 more than I actually HAVE), I think I'm going to TRY to get another hair trial with someone who HAPPENS to be available ONE WEEK from today. I know this is a long shot. But I want to look beautiful on my wedding day and I'm terrified that I won't!

Here are some of my latest hair-spirations. Sorry, I don't rememeber where I got these, they were compiled in the midst of a paniced google session:


  1. I like your hair down and with curls like you had it Thursday, So I vote for the last picture here, Also, alfter the ceremony, at the reception you can always make it an up do if you want.

  2. YOur hairstyle was nice and you are looking gorgeous , so why did you tense so much? anyway I have site for wedding information name American Bridla