Monday, November 30, 2009

Registry Fegistry

For whatever reason, registering for gifts has been something I've been dreading. I love to shop, so one would THINK that registering would be right up my alley. But my shopping habits can be placed in two distinct categories. . .

A. Impulse buys as a result of finding a great deal on something I simply can't live without or

B. Making a purchase that I've put lots of time and effort into by researching consumer reviews and trying to find the product for the lowest price possible.

It seems like registering fits in neither category. And that's my first dilemma.

My second is, where should I register?

I hear Target is a pain in the booty, that they don't accept returns without a gift receipt and even then, require you to exchange your item for the something new in the same department as the item your exchanging. Hello pita (pain in the a$$). (On a side note, they do have some pretty amazing black and white damask items in the store right now... just don't register for them and you should be fine! ha!)

What about Walmart? Their return policy is stellar, but after a handful installments of "People You See in Walmart" emails, I'm afraid my wedding guests might get the wrong impression.

Macy's is a definite. Good website. Located in both Alabama and Missouri. Has the china pattern that we want.

Another definite is Crate and Barrel. I was on Style Me Pretty today and noticed that today was the last day to register for their $4000 gift card give away.

Style Me Pretty

And I thought to myself, "I'm gonna win this". All I had to do was open my registry at Crate and Barrel and keep my fingers crossed. Seemed like destiny's way of getting someone with an irrational fear of registering to bite the bullet and get started! haha!

One problem solved. . . now on to world hunger.


  1. I registered at bed, bath and beyond and walmart. didn't really matter, though. Dave's mom told me that the 200 people she invited to our tea weren't going to go the 30 miles/min to the nearest walmart. I ended up registering at the town pharmacy/gift shop and made out even better than I would have otherwise. I ended up getting a full set of china and crystal. cool stuff. I had really gotten over wanting that kind of stuff, but my Daddy God is always in the 2nd chance business. I could go on and on about how he blessed my second wedding over the first fiasco, but I won't. love ya!

  2. We did Target and didn't have a problem with it. We also used Kohls which has been really nice. I absolutely hated doing registry stuff, though, so I suggest doing one that has an on-line option.