Friday, January 8, 2010


I don’t know what J and I could possibly need a custom monogram for, but that sure doesn’t keep me from wanting one. Have you ever typed “custom monogram” into Etsy. OMG. Hello, stealer of my time and obsession of my soul. Etsy found 10,032 results for Custom Monogram. 10,032. And I pined after each and ever one of them. (Actually, I only got to page 20 before I decided I’d opened enough new tabs to keep me busy for a while.)

Here are a few of my favorites


I love this sash. I think it’s beautiful, elegant, classy, timeless, all those things I aspire to be! ;-) I think there are probably a gazillion things you could do with it, but I think it’s wonderful tied around the bouquet as they show it. This is available through Etsy seller, Michaelangela, she’s got oodles of other wedding related items that warrant your perusal. Check out the “New MRS.” aprons too. I’m a sucka for aprons.


Here’s another fav. Personalized wedding monograms. Yes. PERSONALIZED. For… get this… FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!! Etsy seller Double Trouble Designs also has a blog... on which I’ve spent wayyyyyyy too much time. I feel like I need about 20 different personalized monograms. How do you choose?!?!? And where exactly do they go?? Yes, programs would be nice. And maybe somewhere on our invitations? But where else? I’m not sure… but that’s not going to stop me from buying one… or 20….


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  1. oooh I want one of those custom monogram stamps. it has the initials and then in a circle around it it has your address. they are just darling!