Monday, January 25, 2010

I Left My Heart in San Francisco.... not really, he flew back with me....

J and I work together. I know some people might think that the last thing on earth they'd want to do is be coworkers with their intended. But it works really really well with J and I. We click in real life which allows us to click on the job too. In our work we have to be in sync... not like the band, silly.... like if I say "J I have this idea" he has to know how to interpret that and make beautiful, meaningful television out of it. Working with him this past weekend in San Francisco at the Walk for Life West Coast made me fall in love even deeper! He's so talented and when we work together I feel like God could be using us together as a couple to impact lives. And there's nothing more powerful than that. I love you baby. Four more months! :-)

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