Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm Baack

Wow! Sorry for the hiatus. I was CRAZY busy at work this past week. I mean CRAZY. J and I flew to San Francisco for work and then had to take the hours and hours and hours worth of footage we took there and turn it into a television show in a VERY short amount of time. Which meant that we stayed at the television studio until ALL hours of the night. BUT as a result we ended up with an amazing show… if I do say so myself.

But blah, blah, blah enough excuses. The point is, I can stop thinking about work and start thinking about the WEDDING again! Haha!

I think I might have mentioned this before, but I believe that Wedding TV is an insomniac’s best friend. It’s not often that I can’t sleep, but sometimes I’ll hit a Starbucks a little too late in the day and I pay for it ALL NIGHT. Last night was one of those dreadful nights. So I snuggled up with my favorite blanket and a DVR full of Platinum Weddings and Say Yes to the Dresses. And I started thinking, “this is a GREAT time to be a bride”, I mean seriously girls, we’re really lucky. There is so much great wedding related media right now. Amazing websites. Great TV shows. This is a time when wedding photography and videography are at their best. Dresses are gorgeous. Trends are palatable (ie. No puffy sleeved monstrosities). Yay for us! Yay for 2010!

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