Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake With Expensive Crystal Banding...

As I've mentioned, the cake was not a top priority of mine. A basic cake came included in the price of the reception venue. I wanted to be committed to the basic cake, I knew it technically wasn’t “free”, but I didn’t want to have to fork out too much extra moolah for it either. … I mean, ya get a couple pictures of it and then it gets EATEN.

That being said, I met Sylvia Weinstock once at a bridal show and fell in love with her AMAZING non-budget friendly masterpieces and had to have one.

I watched a Cake Boss marathon once. I fell in love with Buddy’s AMAZING non-budget friendly creations and had to have one.

I did some google searches (how did brides plan a wedding pre-google?!?!?) and I fell in love with THIS and REALLY had to have one.


As much as I loved the fantastic details of Buddy's and Sylvia's cakes, it was the glitzy-ness and the simplicity that I fell in love with on this one. I thought it was “the one”. Then I did a little MORE research and discovered that for the price of glitzy-ness and simplicity I could practically buy a whole other cake!!! Wow! That crystal cake banding is a fortune. Like $75 a yard! Wow! Talk about a budget buster! If you’re not concerned about breaking the bank, or if you’ve made the cake a priority in your budget, you can check out THIS crystal cake banding. It’s gorgeous and you’ll have a stunning cake.

BUT if you’re looking to plan a platinum wedding on an aluminum budget, like we are, get thee to the nearest fabric store. My mom and I found THIS ribbon for $19.99/yard.

Still awfully expensive considering we’d need 3 yards just to go around half of our four tiered cake. THEN we found out that JoAnn Fabrics offers a 50% off coupon in the Saturday morning newspaper (sorry ladies, I looked for one online but couldn't find one... check your newspaper's circulars). So for $10/yard we could have the look of the glitzy cake for 1/8 of the price! Woo hoo!!! But, just to make life complicated, we also found THIS sequins ribbon for $4.99/yard ($2.50 with the coupon). It sparkles WAY more, but I am a tad afraid it looks too much like a dance costume. What do you think?


  1. like the top one better - looks more classy - the other says 'jazz hands' a little too much. - kdawg


  3. I think we trimmed the Mr. Mustang jumpsuit with the gold version of the second option...heh. I say go with the $20/yard option with your coupon!