Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Mother’s Fake Jewels

You’ve all been gracious counterparts in my quest for the perfect earrings. We’ve looked, together, at every store/blog/etsy shop for these elusive, magical earrings. The earrings that would take me from being a bride to being a B-R-I-D-E.

Ah, come on. They’re just earrings, right?! Haha! For some reason, they seemed important. It seemed like they could make or break my whole ensemble. (Once again, what will I obsess with after the wedding is over? Maybe I’ll STILL be obsessing over the earrings, who knows!)

If you’re just joining in, you’ll need to be caught up to speed.

I wanted earrings that were blingy, had a pearl, and in some way resembled my awesome e-ring (which I realize would only be noticed by me and my mom). I found a gazillion “close but no cigars”. I figured I would just have to compromise on one of the must haves on my list.

But as I entered my Mom’s room the first night I was in St. Louis, my eyes were immediately drawn to a pair of earrings on her vanity. It was “them”. THE earrings. The mystical, magical, clandestine earrings I’d been obsessing over.

They had pearls. They had bling. AND they resembled my e-ring. And went perfectly with my BFF's tiara.

I picked them up and said to my mom “WHAT are THESE?”.
And she said “Oh yeah, I was just digging through some of my jewelry and thought you might like them”.
I said “LIKE them? They’re PERFECT”
And she said “I thought so too!”

Turns out she wore them at her 35th wedding anniversary party (look close, she’s wearing them in the picture of her and my dad on THIS post)

Another something borrowed, which makes me feel grateful and sentimental and connected to a silly tradition that's bigger than me and my wedding.

Sorry, ladies, I couldn't get a good pic of them.

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