Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedding Crashers Numero Dos

I’m home from a glorious 10 day trip home to St. Louis for wedding planning…. Um I mean for work. Yes. My employer sent me to St. Louis for work. Hehe.

-First things first. We had an appointment at our reception venue for a menu tasting. It was during another wedding, which I thought was simultaneously really weird and really cool. The poor bride kept looking up to the balcony where we were eagerly leaning over the ledge (not so) subtly stalking her wedding.
Mom, Dad, Jody and I had an absolute blast. We ate dinner in the balcony and loved everything they served us. We expected plan ole` wedding food, but we were all pleasantly surprised. We had chicken marsala, which we’ll likely choose as one of our meat selections. And roast beef, which three of us thought was a little dry and one of us LOVED.

The room was BEAUTIFUL… even though it wasn’t decorated to our tastes. (Come on, fake roses in glass vases AND white feathers?... Didn’t seem to mesh).

We spent the whole night thinking about our wedding. Dreaming about what our night would be like. If we have half as much fun at our real wedding as we did crashing this one, I think it will be a success!! Its weird to think that the next time I'm in that room I'll be the Aluminum WIFE!!Can't wait! :-) Here I am with the Aluminum Dad, the Aluminum Groom, and the Aluminum Mom.

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