Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Men Are Like Trolleys

I have a confession to make. I’m in love. WITH TROLLEYs. Whenever J sees a trolley he yells “JILL a TROLLEY!” and I swoon.

When I was in college my girl friends and I were yapping about a boy (actually a boy I USED to be engaged to) and this priest was in the room listening to our babbling and he said to us “I’ll tell you what girls, men are like trolley’s a new one comes along every 15 minutes”. We thought this was absolutely hysterical. Like roll on the floor quote it incessantly funny.

And then we recounted this story to a sweet and humble and very holy mother that we’d met, and SHE said “yeah girls, but one you’ll ride your whole life”. As if the fits of giggles were bad when the PRIEST said that, well when this sweet woman accidentally fell into the most unintentional double entendre we’d ever heard, we laughed until we cried… and some of us might have peed our pants… it was like laugh until milk comes out your nose funny. The comment was funny. The look on this poor woman’s face was PRICELESS. 6 years later when one of us quotes it we die laughing like it was the first time.

I’d dreamt of having a trolley at my wedding since that day. I knew there’d only be a handful of girls there that understood the hidden meaning. I knew that the “congratulations on finding the one you’ll ride your whole life” comments would sound completely inappropriate to unknowing ears. But I HAD to have a trolley.


Then I discovered how much these sweet rides cost.

$500. 1.5 hours.

OMG. Are you kidding me? That’s like $5 a minute. I don’t think so.

So. On to plan B.

I have a beautiful car. I call her Saucy. And I love her. So that’s what J and I will be driving around in on the day of the wedding. Yes, it feels a little “every day”, since I drive her EVERY DAY. But the price (free) can’t be beat!

Anyone else just using their car on the day of the wedding?

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