Tuesday, March 2, 2010



I just found out that I have received the Susan B. Anthony List Young Leader Award for 2010. They give out four awards every year to young women who exemplify leadership in the pro life movement. Have to say, I'm wondering how they couldn't have come up with someone better than moi! Maybe I should offer some recommendations of some really outstanding young women. Maybe they thought "heck, this girl has potential... and she won't be considered YOUNG for much longer... so let's hop on it!" Hehe!

But heck, for right now I'm going to bask in it. I'm thrilled to death!! THRILLED. They are sending me to DC for a Gala at the Willard Hotel, which is so fancy I'd never even heard of it and subsequently passed out when I googled it. BEAUTIFUL! Don't tell the organizers, but I'd be happy in a Holiday Inn!! :-)

The ONLY problem (other than their lack of discernment in picking ME) is that the gala in DC falls in the middle of my busiest wedding planning stretch ever. At first I thought there is NO WAY I'm flying to DC in the midst of this hectic time. But then my Dearest reminded me that it is quite and honor, a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that I can sleep on our honeymoon!!

March 19: Drive to St. Louis
March 20th: Bridal Shower in St. Louis
March 21st: Engagement Pics in St. Louis
March 22nd: Drive back to Bham
March 23rd: Back at work
March 24th: Trip to DC for Gala
March 25th: Fly back to Bham, prepare and film TWO shows, Mom comes in town
March 26th: Fun with Mom in Bham
March 27th: Fun with Mom in Bham
March 28th: Bridal Shower in Bham
March 29-April 1: Fun with Mom in Bham
April 1: Fly to St. Louis with Mom
April 2nd: Good Friday in St. Louis
April 3rd: Bridal Shower in St. Louis
April 4th: Easter
April 5th: Fly back to Bham
April 6th: COLLAPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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