Thursday, March 4, 2010

How I Knew J was the One

Today J and I celebrated (well, gave each other cards, not much of a ‘celebration’) our four year dating anniversary. Being with J for four years is like one of those Twilight Zone episodes where it feels impossible that we’ve been together for FOUR WHOLE YEARS and at the exact same time feels impossible that it has ONLY BEEN FOUR YEARS!

Four years and one day ago a couple girlfriends and I were having a girls night after the television show that J directs and I produce (I assistant produced at the time). One of the girls mentioned J and I went on and on and on and on about what a wonderful guy I thought he was. Finally she interrupted my soliloquy to say “Do you like J??????” It was like a light bulb went on in my head “Um, yes. I think I do!” I was giddy and embarrassed at the same time. J is a lot older than me and we come from different religions. I didn’t think that a ‘real’ relationship was possible for us. But dang. But he was so cute and so sweet that I had a MAJOR crush. The next evening a mutual friend was having a party at a club. J walked in with his buddy and I got tingly. It felt like we were drawn to each other that night.

(wow, check out my short hair!!)

I was convinced immediately that I wanted to be with this man. But it took him a little bit longer to be so sure about me! We dated for a couple months. Then he got sent to St. Louis for a big event that the TV Network we work for was putting on. A girlfriend and I decided to go to St. Louis too even though we didn’t have to work. We drove. During the event this girl got really sick. She decided to fly back to Birmingham, leaving me to drive 10 hours alone. Ugh. Awful. Well, J thought it was pretty awful too, so he gave up his quick and easy 1 hour non-stop flight to drive back 10 hours and through 5 states so I wouldn’t have to be alone.

Before we left I had prayed for a sign that we should be together. I asked specifically for rainbows. During our 10 hour drive through 5 states we saw 10 rainbows! It was his sacrifice and all those dang rainbows that had me convinced that J was the one for me. Every day over the past four years has been filled with thoughts of him. Every day I’ve come to know and love him more. And in only 80 days I’ll be his wife. I can’t believe how lucky I am. I hope it doesn’t rain on our wedding day… but if it does, I pray for a rainbow!

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