Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun With Guns

So we’ve done it. We’ve completed the wedding task I’d been dreading the most. REGISTERING.

First stop, Target. We sat Dad in the snack bar and J had to get a few groceries so Mom and I got started on our own. We scanned the heck out of that store! I would ask my mom what she thought about a certain item and every time her reply was “Scan it”. hehe! We found some lovely things at great prices. BUT we were treated like we were an inconvenience to the Target staff. I even had to ask them how to use the scan gun. I felt like saying “I’m asking 200 people to shop in your store, BE NICE TO ME”. Eventually J joined me and Mom joined Dad. J was a little half hearted about the small appliances and baking sheets so I asked him if he wanted to use the gun. Good thing I was pretty much done, because once I gave it to him, it was the point of no return! I practically had to pry it out of his hands! Haha! What did he scan? A $250.00 surround sound thingy. Boys.

Next stop, Bed Bath and Beyond. Mom and I went to BBB by ourselves and left the boys at home. I’m sure they watched sports and did other manly things. As shoddy as the service was at Target, the staff at Bed, Bath, and Beyond made us feel like royalty. Seriously. They knew what they were doing. They told us that if we had any questions or needed any information on a product to just ask. When I did have questions, they were knowledgeable about the products and offered great advice as to why one product was better than another. Now I understand the “beyond” in their name, they really went out of their way and I will do WAY more shopping there from now on. Our consultant, Mike, even had our registry printed out and ready to go by the time we were done. He plopped it down on the table and mom and I lost it in a fit of giggles. It was EIGHTEEN pages long. We’d scanned pretty much everything in the whole stinkin store. EVERYTHING. I didn’t even think we NEEDED very much.

So the consensus. It wasn’t so bad. If you’re looking for places to register, forget the clichéness of it and get thee to Bed Bath and Beyond. (Especially the new on Manchester Road in Ballwin, MO… ask for Mike). I’m sure you’ll go to Target too, I don’t regret going there, but I do think they could use a lesson from Bed, Bath and Beyond when it comes to customer service… at least their return policy has improved. And by the way. If you’ve had a good experience at a Bed Bath and Beyond you can call 1-800-Go-Beyond and brag on your consultant… they’ll get some sort of bonus.

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  1. I'm so jealous. We won't even start doing this until at least late fall :(