Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oooh La La

Why is it that every day I come across some wedding related beauty that I can not live without? As I was perusing Weddingbee today I found Miss Button's blog and subsequently fell in love with THIS idea from Etsy seller Megan Hamilton...

Custom sketches of your wedding dress? Hel-lo, explain to me HOW I can live without one!! What a beautiful and significant heirloom. A custom piece of art to remember your special day. I'm SOLD.

Unfortunately my dress is having some custom nips and tucks done to it so I can't submit mine until mid April. And while I'm on it... MID APRIL!!! That feels so far away. Yes, I am a member of the microwave-give-it-to-me-now culture, patience schmatience and I want to see my dress NOW! haha!

As I wait I have reoccurring dreams that my dress somehow ends up as a train wreck. Like blue sequins COVERING IT. Yes. Blue. Sequins. "I'm sorry, Miss Aluminum Bride, there's nothing we can do about it, you should have specified what color beads you wanted... how were WE supposed to know that blue beads wouldn't work with your theme?". I woke up sweating.

Or how about this one. The dress comes in 7 inches too short. Yes, I saw that happen to a girl on Say Yes to the Dress, and as J always reminds me, I ALWAYS dream what I see on TV. Weird. I know. What would I do? As I said the dress is having custom nips and tucks. In my dream I squat down and walk like a sumo wrestler down the aisle.

Sigh. I know everything will work out. But until then I will worry.

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