Friday, February 5, 2010

Let the Games Begin!!!

Here are our plans for cramming as much wedding planning as possible into our business trip home!

-We have an appointment at our reception venue for a tasting. I believe it’s during another wedding, which I think is simultaneously really weird and really cool. Jody was a tad disappointed that he missed out on our wedding crashing experience, so I’ve been referring to our tasting as the “wedding crashing”, he probably doesn’t even know we have a real appointment. Ah the deceit. Hehe! As you know, I like seeing our venue in action and he likes pretending he’s Vince Vaughn (minus the not so exemplar behavior!)

-We also have an appointment with our bakery. I keep telling my mom that the cake isn’t a huge priority. She bought us an AMAZING A-MAZING crystal cake topper for Christmas, I don’t mind having a simple cake and let the cake topper take center stage. I told my mom to remind me of that when they start parading a bunch of “Sylvia Weinstocks” in front of me. Simple. Elegant.


-I’m currently trying to schedule an appointment with Scott the photographer and the fill-in-lady Denise. I think it’d be great for all of us to sit down and talk about expectations and so on. I’m trying really hard not to be prissy about that, but the pictures are SOOOOOOOO important to me. In fact the more I look up wedding photographers, the more I think I should devote more time to starting my own company. Here are a few images I shot of friends’ weddings. What do you think?

-Also, I need to look for those pesky earrings. Although a friend found me a pair that are beautiful! From Kohls. These might be frontrunners! :-) Thanks, Kathy!!


-And finally. Mom and I are registering. Yes. Mom and I. J doesn’t mind shopping, but his opinion is “we already HAVE flatware”, whereas my opinion is “I’m a bride and I want NEW flatware… besides don’t you remember I had to throw several pieces out after you used them to stir a can of paint?!”. ;-) I thought my mom would be good to have with me, since she’s been a wife for almost 40 years. She has a better insight as to what I’ll REALLY use and what will end up in the basement. (PS. Thanks for being such a great inspiration Mom and Dad!)

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