Friday, September 25, 2009

Still Waiting

There is a couple that work at the same tv station as J and I. They got engaged the same weekend we did.

They're getting married today.

I wish them all the best and happiness.

BUT (sigh) we're still waiting an annulment to come through before we can set a date.

How can I not feel jealous of our coworkers who will exchange vows tonight?

I get so frustrated. I know that there is a wedding (and more importantly, a marriage) out there for us... somewhere in the future... somewhere over the rainbow... but not having anything tangible (ie. date/venue) to give me something to look forward to is draining. Every time someone finds out that we're engaged, the first thing they ask is "when's the date". I know that's an understandable and reasonable question. But I'm sick of not having an answer. I'm sure it makes us look less sincere or excited to be married. And illustrating the intricacies of the annulment process is too complicated to explain to casual acquaintances.

I guess I should just start lying! ;-) So, ahem... According to anyone that asks, we'll be married on September 25, 2010. ;-) Aren't you excited for us?

(Liar liar pants on fire)

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  1. for a lot of reasons including my little brother enlisting and ruining my dreams of having a fall wedding... we are having a 14 month engagement! :( people have plenty to say about that!