Monday, September 14, 2009

A Bridal Consultant's Worst Nightmare

My mom has been in town for the past week and a half. She leaves tomorrow and I miss her already. :-( We've had a wonderful time.

And what else would we do when we're together, but go dress shopping!!

I went to an Anne Barge trunk show several months ago. Ms. Barge was there. I was the only bride in the shop at the time so she spent my entire appointment bringing me dresses she thought would look good and telling me what she liked about one dress and disliked about another and what she thought would be best for me.

I was in bridal heaven. I mean, this amazingly talented, kind hearted, glorious human being spent an hour of her life helping ME become a beautiful bride. I'd love to walk down the aisle in one of her masterpieces. Unfortunately the ole` "ya get what ya pay for" mantra holds true in this case. Her dresses are magnificent, and lord help me, so are the price tags. As I've mentioned before, I have this problem with those pesky platinum tastes and aluminum budgets.

So mom and I decided to go on a covert couture undercover operation in the Anne Barge Atelier in Atlanta. We went in poised and confident and lied through our teeth about our budget. I tried on one that I LOVED. It was $4,170 + $600 to "open the bust" (whatever that means) and not including taxes or other alterations. We left agreeing that we had to "think about it". The consultant rolled her eyes.

This morning the first thing I did was google the style number. And lo and behold I FOUND it on for $1000 obo!! Can you believe it?!?! I think it's too soon for it to be "the one" but I'm absolutely STOKED that my idea of finding a dress we love in a shop and ordering it online could REALLY work!

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  1. You are so clever. After all this, you're going to have to become a bridal consultant yourself, and yes, your company should be called The Aluminum Bride. Really.

    The BananaLady