Friday, April 9, 2010

Flow It, Show It, Long as God Can Grow It, My HAIR

I fell in love with J practically instantly. And practically instantly I decided I’d grow my hair out for the wedding. Yes. I was thinking about the wedding after date, say, 3. So my hair has gone from this. ...

to this...

In the time we’ve been dating. (I also got the gap in my teeth closed a couple years ago in anticipation of our wedding day. I'm serious. This was a good year and a half pre-engagement!... I'm only admitting all of this because I will be getting married in SIX weeks! hehe!)

Now its practically time for the wedding. I had my hair trial this weekend. I worried that my hair was TOO long. That it would compete with the beautiful V at the back of my gown. J would adamantly disagree and my mom would give her left leg for me to cut my hair into a shoulder length bob as I wore it for 24 of my 28 years. I contemplated getting a PRE-wedding chop, but decided on a mere trim instead. I'm so glad I did. At my trial my hair held the curl better than it had EVER done before!

I spent hours scouring the internet for the perfect wedding do and for the perfect wedding stylist. Since I live in Birmingham (and am madly in love with my stylist here… and even thought about flying him to St. Louis for the wedding), I’ve had to take a leap of faith in the hair department. I noticed on Facebook that an old high school friend got married. I LOVED her hair, so I emailed her and asked her where she got her hair done. She told me, I scheduled an appointment and I spent TWO hours getting it recreated on my head!

(NOTE TO SELF: before taking a picture that you will willingly post on the internet for countless people to view... please freshen up your makeup and tuck in your bra straps)

Here's the verdict. I LOVE the curl. She curled it with a Chi Straightening Iron, like you would curl a ribbon with scizzors! It was amazing to watch! The curl stayed in all night. And it wasn't crispy crunchy curl, but rather soft lucious curl! :-) I wasn't in love with the front. I felt a little cone-headed, with the sides of my hair plastered to my head (before I pulled a few strands loose) and the top as tall as a Southern beauty queen. ;-)

The next day I did a little bump in front. I tried on my veil. I got tingly! I found my REAL bridal hair style! Unfortunately it would mean not wearing the tiara that my dear friend was letting me use as my "something borrowed". And I thought for sure my mom would refuse to have a daughter who was a tiara-less bride. So I sat at the table with my mom, with my tingle inducing hair, she looked at me and said "you should wear your hair like that for the wedding". So there you have it. The story of how my wedding hair developed. ;-) Here's what I'm going for...

I'm sorry, I have no clue where I got this picture, I've had it saved to my computer since my hair was short and my teeth were gapped! hehe! I guess I've wanted this style forever!!!

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