Thursday, April 22, 2010


We got to see and order our engagement pics today! I'm THRILLED. J and I are both EXTREMELY critical of the way we look in photos. We had rather low expectations of how they’d turn out since we're both hoping to lose some more weight before the wedding (ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!). But for a couple of Fatty McFattersons, I think these turned out pretty stinkin good!! We were so happy with Brandy, our photographer and Josh, her hubby from Something Beautiful Studio and Design. If you’re in the Birmingham (Gadsden) area, check them out! She’s so extremely talented, like a little jewel in the middle of Gadsden, Alabama!! And her sitting fee was completely reasonable too… much more so than the other engagement photographers I looked at. We have another appointment to go back to have some of these edgy shots done in our wedding duds after the big day. I'm sure we'll use her for baby (God willing) and family photos too.

Brandy will do some wicked amazing editing on the images we chose. The first one is my favorite and the second one is J's favorite. Unfortunately neither one of us was thrilled with the other's choice in favorites... but since J has already mastered the art of compromise. We got MY favorite in a wall portrait and HIS favorite in a 5x7! haha! We'll probably go back and order his favorite in a wall portrait too, when funds aren't so tight… because, hel-lo weddings are expensive!!

Without further ado, our engagement photos! (All from The Amazing Brandy at Something Beautiful)


  1. I think you look gorgeous!! I especially like the second pic. BTW, one tip I recommend after getting my wedding pics, try to hold your arms out from your side a tad. Pressing them tight to your body gives a bit of flab flap. Just a little lift and it's gone.

  2. That was J's favorite too!

    Good point!! I do that whenever I'm wearing a sleeveless top even when I'm NOT having a pictures made!! hehe! But even then there's not much hope for my flab flap!! haha!