Friday, April 16, 2010

Go Away...


One of my BM's called David's Bridal several weeks ago and said "what is the very last day that I can order this dress to have it in time for a wedding at the end of May". DB said "April 15th". So, she called on April 14th and said "I want to order this dress" and they said "sorry charlie, that dress no longer exists anywhere in the universe."


So now what? I can't have ONE girl in a completely different dress. I can't have lopsided bridal party. (I mean, maybe one of the groomsman could walk down our junior bm, but doncha think that'd look plain silly??!!! I do.)

Well, after calling every DB in the country, telling them that this is clearly their fault. And that clearly THEY are responsible for fixing it. We decided that the only thing to do is for said BM to get a new dress in cornflower blue. DB said that we could swap out one of the other BM dresses, so we will exchange K's dress for whatever my other BM chooses. So we'll have 2 in one dress and 2 in another and pray it looks intentional.


  1. Hi there! Catching up on your blog... What do the other girls dresses look like?


  2. omg. I would flip my shit. that is ridiculous! hope it works out!

  3. lol! Just another Belle, that's hilarious! Don't worry, I DID "flip my shit", but then I realized that there was nothing I could do! No sense in freaking out if it's out of your control! I'm practicing saying that, to prepare for all the things that might go wrong on wedding day!! Lol!