Friday, April 9, 2010

Brilliant Photographers!

I love photography. I’m okay at it. But I always want to get better. When I first discovered Jessica Claire and Becker, I flipped. And spent WAYYYYYYY too long going through each of their blog posts. They are both brilliant photographers that shoot in a way that is exactly what I hope my images to look like (both the ones I photograph and the ones photographed of me!).

I’m sure what I like about both artists is their impeccable photo editing. I mean, photography is a whole different ballgame than it was 10 years ago. I believe that if you learn to edit really well, that is what sets you apart from other wedding photographers. I adore that new “glowy” feel. It’s almost magical!

Check out Becker’s before and after shots (all pictures below from there). Genius!! He takes photos from good to AH-MAZING! See…

Jessica Claire shoots a lot of romantic Mid-Summer Nights Dreamish photos, of weddings with a lot more uniqueness and style than my “I know damask is overdone” wedding. I wouldn’t pick that level of vintagey goodness for my own nuptials, but there’s something about her images that I’m absolutely drawn to! It’s that vintage image done in a modern way that I love.

When I first started planning my Aluminum Wedding, I knew I wanted “classic and timeless”, I know I am having elements of 2010 (such as the forementioned overdone damask), but my hope is that when my kids look at my wedding album, they find little to laugh at! :-)

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