Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pre-Post-Wedding Depression

So we're less than 6 weeks away from the "big moment". And there have been so many wonderful "little moments" so far leading up to it... Unfortunately I've been obsessing over some of those moments that J and I have missed out on. There will be no other time in my life that I'll be a bride to be, so I'm dissappointed at myself for omitting some of the "regular" pre-wedding "moments" from our planning. I feel like I'm having PRE-post wedding depression.

Like STDs (save the dates thankyouverymuch). I spent weeks looking at different STDs and by the time I got around to CHOOSING STDs, it was too late to send them out. Save the Date for J and Jill's wedding, invitation to follow in 3 weeks. Ya know? Silly. So no, STDs, I've been comforting myself with the knowledge that we saved some dough!
I also TOTALLY regret not having engagement portraits done. They came with our wedding package, but the only time we were planning on being in St. Louis together was when J's dad died. My dear BM (bridesmaid thankyouverymuch) told me that the pics we took of ourselves when we got engaged would suffice as e-pics.

But I wanted REAL e-pics. I thought it'd be good for us to have some practice having pictures taken OF us, rather than taking them of ourselves. My darling J has a tendency to smile like Zoolander. I think it's endearing, but I don't want a whole wedding album full of THIS. . . .


I couldn't shake my pre-post wedding regret when it came to these silly e-pics. So I cyber stalked MANY photographers in Bham. Called them all to find out what they'd charge for simple e-pics... and about threw up when they told me their price. Session fee $300. 8x10 $150. 4x6 $55. WHAT? Are you KIDDING me???? (Why do I not take photographs for a living!!???)

Finally I remembered a photographer that J and I met during one of our favorite "Aluminum Dates" to Gadsden, Alabama's First Friday. The studio is called Something Beautiful. And it had EVERYTHING I wanted! It is a little hip and urban and just a wee bit edgy (ironic because J and I are not so hip, very SUB-urban, and as traditional and un-edgy as they come!!). What drew me in was THIS picture found on her website. YES! SHE HAS A BLACK AND WHITE DAMASK BACKGROUND!! And she's reasonable! And she edits all glowy, like I like!! Perfect! We're scheduled for this Saturday at 4pm! Now, I just have to find something to WEAR!!! UGH!



  1. How exciting! I am regretting not sending out STDs and not having engagement pics too! Oh well.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. After my wedding, i had a laundry list of regrets. However, to get through them, I think about what I did do on my wedding - I married the man of my dreams. So my wedding was perfect! Good luck with your nuptials! Enjoy this crazy time!