Monday, August 17, 2009

The beginning of my wedding treasure hunt!

J is a yard sale snob. I was never much into buying other people's "junk", until I met him and discovered the practically unused treasures that people were almost GIVING away. On Saturday I found 150 slightly used wedding bubbles for $1! Yay! I haven't really decided if we'll be one of those "bubbly" couples... but for a dollar it was worth having the option!

I also found a pair of wedding shoes at the same yard sale. They were worn once by a MoB. Theiy're Kenneth Cole, with rhinestone straps. $60 originally. And, delightfully, they only have a slight kitten heel. I LOVE high high high heels. But I hate being taller than my man. And can't imagine towering over him on our wedding day. They are a just a tad tight across my toes. But I figured they'd either stretch out, or I'd give them to MY MoB, who has more dainty feet than I! Due to J's expert haggling I got them for $7! Much more logical than the $900 Christian Louboutin bridal shoes that I've been lusting over! I mean, who even sees your feet!?!?

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  1. I love yard sales (and flea markets too!!) those bubbles are a steal! I had never thought about buying something like that used...