Monday, August 17, 2009

You see curtains.... I see TABLE RUNNERS!

I've searched high and low to find black and white damask linens. (Yes, I recognize that my priorities might be slightly scewed, as we have no date nor venue... but I digress.) Other damask brides have gone to great measures and great expense to get thier ideal table linens. They fret over the exact right pattern of damask. Whether it is white on black or black on white. They have thier pattern SILK SCREENED onto fabric. They enlist MIL's to sew countless runners. And have them re-sew them if they are slightly off center. They spend $20 per runner. Or buy $15 yard fabric from some fabric wholesaler in China.

I have to say, after reading their stories, I was ready to throw in the towel and go with some other color scheme.

That's where my beloved Craigslist comes in. I have no idea why I was searching under the "Household" tab, probably searching for SOMETHING wedding related! And I came across a post for a black and white damask bedding set. This woman was selling her King sized comforter, pillows and curtains. Thankfully she sold me her curtains seperately... as much as I love damask I'm not so sure I want to sleep on it... For $30 I got four LOVELY panels of curtains. They are BEAUTIFUL! I am going to cut each panel into three runners (or have my wonderful, beautiful, talented mother do it!). 12 runners for $30! Not too shabby! :-) Maybe I should rent them out to those ladies that are on their way to the silk screeners...


  1. What a great idea! You are a smart girl.

  2. what a great diy idea! have you posted pictures of these yet?