Monday, August 24, 2009

New to Me!

I think the most fun aspect of wedding planning is the dress shopping! I mean, when else in your life can you justifiably try on beautiful gowns that cost more than rent?

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm a total daddy's girl. Well guess what? I'm 100% mama's girl too! I don't want to try on dresses without her there. I'd kick myself if I found "the one" and she wasn't there to share in that quintessential that mother/daughter bonding experience. When I put on my prom dress for the first time, she cried. Come on, crying at a PROM dress??! I'm counting on big ole` alligator tears when I find my wedding gown! haha! ;-)

Unfortunately Mom lives 500 miles away.

This is why, I spend WAY too much time looking at dresses online. It quenches my wedding gown obsession, at least temporarily.

In line with my affinity for bargain shopping, I think I've decided to purchase a used gown. You can get so much more gown for your money by buying a sample or one that a bride has only worn one time.

So the plan is... find dresses I like online. Then find them in the store. Try them on with mom. Blubber and cry. Leave the store. Order the dress online. Save lots of money.

At first I thought this was waaaaayyyyy too risky, but times are a changing. Especially with so many reputable companies out there. As I was poking around the internet a few weeks ago, I found an A-MAZING site

Check out this STUNNER! It's Anne Barge La Fleur Collection. It's simple and elegant and perfect.

AND it's listed for $650!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!? $650!?!? It was originally $3070! If we were a little farther in our wedding planning I'd snatch this bad boy up so fast, they wouldn't know what hit them! Check out for oodles of stunning designer gowns at dirt cheap prices!

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  1. I understand this feeling... I live 950 miles from my Mama and my bridesmaids. We have been doing a LOT of online window-shopping and emailing, but we are planning weekends in the fall when I can come to town and we can all go look together.